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Tips to Choosing a Suitable Oral Surgeon

There may come a time when you find you are in need of the services of an oral surgeon. This will likely occur when the problem you are experiencing is beyond the expertise of your dentist. Many dentists will then give you a referral to a colleague who is an oral surgeon that will make a diagnosis and possibly prescribe surgery as part of the treatment. Even surgery of this nature has its own risks and you need to ensure you are dealing with someone will do a good job. Here are a few guidelines to use when evaluating the oral surgeon recommended to you.

  • Experience and training

In order to be classed as an oral surgeon, the candidate must have undergone the requisite training including the 4 years of dental school and 2-4 years advanced training in oral surgery. The more years they have had in this kind of work, the better hands you are in. when querying the doctor, do not be afraid to ask how many successful surgeries of the same nature they have already performed. This information can be useful in allowing you to feel more confident of your choice.

  • Professional organizations

You can also ask about what professional organizations the surgeon is a member of. Sometimes they actually post these certifications and awards on the walls of their offices and this will be useful in determining how well recognized they are in their own field. In case of many doubts you can even call up the organization to verify these claims.

  • Professional atmosphere

There is a lot you can tell about a person based on a visit to their offices. How you are treated tight from the time you call to book an appointment, to the moment you walk into the surgeon’s office, there are a lot of hints you can pick up on as to the kind of person you will be dealing with. Clean and presentable offices, with courteous professional staff are a good indicator. Also take note of how attentive the surgeon is when presenting your case and listening to the answers to your questions. You should also be able to tell a lot by the way he explains his diagnosis and the treatment he recommends.

  • Payment

Oral surgery can be quite expensive and therefore you need to ensure you can afford it. Check with your insurer if your treatment will be covered and to what extent. Ensure the surgeon you are choosing will come under this cover. If part of all of the expense is on you and you lack the full amount, find out if there are any payment plans the surgeon can agree to.

Do not feel bound by the recommendation that your dentist gives you. In fact, ask for several recommendations. If you are not happy with his selection, you can even ask around among your friends and family members who may have had to undergo similar procedures. Oral surgery is a serious affair and you should be able to feel confident in the surgeon’s hands. Evaluate each one in turn by booking an appointment for a consultation and only pick one who you are comfortable with. 

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